Leaving Neverland : why M6 is not broadcasting the documentary on Michael Jackson in its entirety

It is this Thursday, march 21, that will be broadcast on M6, the documentary “Leaving Neverland”, devoted to the alleged victims of Michael Jackson. A version, however, shortened by an hour compared to the american set-up. Explanations. HBO / Channel 4 Event on M6 with the release this Thursday, march 21, documentary in two parts Leaving Neverland, which gives voice to alleged victims of Michael Jackson. A sensational film to premiere during the last edition of the Sundance film, strongly criticized by the fans of the king of pop who criticize him including a lack of objectivity and a lack of a counter point of view. Shortly after its projection under high tension at Sundance, the French tv channels have delivered a real war to get the rights to the documentary. Faster than the other, it is finally M6 that has pockets the set for a price a “top secret”, according to our colleagues of Figaro , but what we imagine enormous. The proposed version tomorrow evening by M6 will, however, not the full-length version of the documentary, because more short of about an hour that the american set-up. Cuts that do, however, have nothing to do with a form of censorship. Co-produced by HBO and the british Channel 4, Leaving Neverland has experienced two assemblies : a first – four-hours – without cuts in advertising, while the second – shortened to three hours – which allows you to include pages of advertising. So this is the second montage which will be broadcasted in France by M6. As to the time, omitted in this version, not to worry, since it will be essentially cutting planes – aerial images of cities and the ranch of Michael Jackson – while the testimonies of the alleged victims and their families are well returned in their entirety. The two parts of the documentary shock Michael Jackson : Leaving Neverland are released this Thursday, march 21, on the M6 from 21h the trailer for The documentary ” Leaving Neverland aired Thursday night on M6 : Leaving Neverland trailer VF

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